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In precision farming, the adage rings true—your proficiency cannot exceed your knowledge. Be it data collection, processing, or the utilization of information reports, SST Software is dedicated to helping you develop your specific skill set. Since successful training is relational, foundational, continual, accessible, and measurable, the SST Training site provides a variety of different approaches for the development of your precision ag expertise.

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SST Summit Training

SST’s online video library provides 24/7 access to training on SST’s suite of software tools. These videos focus on the aspects of data collection and processing, present common scenario-based workflows, and provide overviews of software updates.

Sirrus Training

Successful precision ag depends on timely data collection, processing, and collaboration between parties who have a working interest on a particular field. Sirrus provides the flexibility to collect data, sync data, and generate scouting reports throughout the season.

Imagery Training

The benefits of using remote sensing to aid in crop production have excited researchers for decades. SST's imagery series begins with the history and science of remote sensing. Following this, we discuss real world examples and how to integrate imagery services into your operation.